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Learn Keyword Research – A Guide to Keyword Research

When you are looking for a Digital marketing institute in Delhi, you look for many aspects, what you are going to learn what is going on in the curriculum. So, one of those concepts that you will have a chance to learn will be Keyword Research. What it is, why it is an essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here we are going to share it with you. Why is it important to learn Keyword Research? Well, when you are studying it, you can do in deeper, understanding it, then applying it in real-world applications.

Learn Keyword Research

The Basics of Keyword Research

It is essential, to begin with, the basics. First, we have to what exactly is Keyword research. The basic definition is ‘the art of finding keywords which are related to your blog or posts to increase your traffic from search engine ultimately. Yes, the keywords are finally an essential crucial part of SEO strategy. When you are planning an SEO strategy, this will be the first stop to expect it. Whatever blog or post you want to see on your website, first you will have to find out what are the relevant keywords which will help to increase traffic. After all, everything begins with basic research. We now know what Keyword Research is. But how to find out keyword ideas? Let’s find out.

How to Find Keyword Ideas?

Now you know what you want to post on your website or social media pages. But where to find those relevant keywords. What is the traffic on the specific keyword? As a part of SEO, there are a few points, which you need to look at. You see, keyword placements need to as per the channel. What do we mean by channel? The channels are Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Traffic, Content Marketing, Blogging and PPC. Now, these are some of the channels. As per these channels, your keywords will change. But in most of the channels, the keywords are the same.

To find the keywords, you should begin with Google. Yes, Google is one of the easiest ways to find those relevant keywords for your website content. You see Whenever Google Suggest keywords, A lot of people are searching about it. One of the easiest and reliable way to find keywords. Then on the page, you will see in the last section suggestions as well. There is only one meaning of these suggestions. Many people are searching for it, and they are relevant. Use them on your website to gain traffic. So, when you are looking for a Digital marketing course in Delhi, do ask them about their module to Learn Keyword Research.

Use Wikipedia to find those keywords

How about finding the keywords in the easiest way possible. You may not believe, Wikipedia is a gold mine for search keywords.  But now, let’s see. How about you do it in your search. Go to Wikipedia and look for the keyword ‘Digital Marketing’’. Now, you will find everything related to Digital marketing. From its history, what it is, what are the channels for it.  In short, you will find everything. With everything, you will also get the relevance keywords.  Firsts, look for content, then the headings. You will find tons of keywords that are relevant to your keyword. Now, let’s see what other ways of finding keywords are.

Using Forums to find the keywords

Other than Google and Wikipedia, you can use the forum. On every keyword, there are posts on various forums across the internet. Now, if you go on searching about it, it will take time. There is a trick to it. Whatever Keyword you are trying to find out. Do this, “Keyword+Forum.” Begin it from here. It is as simple as it is. Every forum is different, so you have to check them out.

What are the keywords Tools?

Above, we have talked about the straight way of finding out the keywords. However, it does not give figures. How many people are searching for it? The best and free tool is Keywords Everywhere. You can install it as the chrome extension. It is all you need. It will work on YouTube, Bing and Google, however, if you need more advanced tools. ‘Uber suggests’ is a useful tool and SEMrush.

So, this is a guide to learn keyword research. There is more to it, which we will tell you about it in the next blog. But to enquire in the Digital Marketing institute in Delhi, it is enough.

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