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Learn Email Marketing – A Guide to Email Marketing

Some people call it a lost art, but it still is the right way of increasing sales and creating brand value. We present you with a guide to Learn Email Marketing. When you are looking for the best digital marketing institute in Delhi, you need to make you get to learn about Email Marketing. Ask them specifically about it. In this guide, we will cover the basics of Email Marketing. After reading this, you can enhance your knowledge by reading about it on the internet or joining a digital marketing course.

Fun Fact – The first Email for marketing was sent back in 1978. It resulted in sales of more than 10 Million dollars. From there, it is known as Email Marketing.

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What is Email Marketing?

Before we go on, let’s break down the definition of Email Marketing. In simple terms, using Email to promote your services or products is called Email Marketing. Using Email to develop a client base could be another definition of it. It depends upon you how you see it. It is one of the channels of Digital Marketing. In Digital marketing, the other channels are Search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing Etc.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant? 

As we said in the beginning, some experts have called it lost art. But it is still handy if you know how to utilize it. The data shows otherwise for those who call it lost art. Those online marketers say they still prefer the method of Email Marketing. Email Marketing gives abilities to perform more widely than social media. Around 94% of people who use the internet have an email, but only 61% of usage them Social Media. So, you can see it is relevant. However, many digital marketers have accepted; it is a tight channel. It took time to pay off, but when it does, the sales increases in many folds. But one who wants to increase the sales of its product or service won’t depend on only one channel. So, whether you are looking for a top digital marketing institute in Janakpuri or any other place, do ask them about it.

What are the ways to use email marketing

Let’s say you want to learn Email Marketing. But why do it, what are how it can help you. Well, the reasons are simple. The first is to build a Relationship. You see, Email is a personal Engagement, so when a prospect’s response to your email, they are willing to create an intimate relationship. Once you build the link, it leads to Brand Awareness. After all, when people begin to notice your company, your sales and value increase as well. Via Email, You can share the latest content from your website. If you use the internet widely, you will see site asking for your email address to provide with most recent updates. In the end, companies use it for Lead generation. We have to tell you some about some of the ways to use email marketing. How you want to use it as Digital Marketer depends upon you. 

What is Email Marketing strategy?

Here we will describe in short about having an email marketing strategy.

Define the Audience –

You cannot send everyone an email that is on your list. You need to define your criteria, then begin sending them an email. What they want, what is age group Etc.

What are your Goals –

Without Goals, You will shoot an arrow in the darkness. So, what exactly is the aim of doing email marketing? Do you want to increase sales, or wants to create brand awareness? So, develop goals, begin the work.

Do you have the Email List –

To send the email, you need an email list of people. So, how do you get them? The simple way is to get them to sign up for it on your website. We have already told you about it above. Here a caution, never try to buy an email list. Some people do it, but we do not advise it. The reason is they are not your genuine prospects. However, those who have signed up on your website have the potential to develop into a real customer.

What kind of Campaign you want to run –

So, what is an email marketing campaign? Think about it, do you want to send emails every day or weekly or monthly. This is called an Email campaign. In the campaign, there are other things to choose to send. Do you want to share a blog, product promotions, or a newsletter? Choose whatever you prefer.

Have a schedule –

It’s up to you to choose how often you want to send the email. Create a table and strictly follow it. Use Email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, constantcontact, Aweber etc to schedule and manage your campaigns.

Assess the results –

After doing all these things, you will get your results. Which you need to assess, analyse very carefully to create plans.


So, this was our guide to email marketing. Also check out our guide on SEO and SMO. As we said earlier when you are looking at the best digital marketing institute in Delhi to join a digital marketing course, do ask them about it.

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