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Digital Marketing Institute in janakpuri, Delhi

#1 Digital Marketing Course in Janakpuri with Internship and 100% Job Placement Assistance.

If you are looking for a practical digital marketing course where you get to learn hands-on SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords, Then you have come to the right place. We are the best Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri. Discovered the most valued digital marketing program in Delhi – NCR to launch your Digital career.

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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

[ 4 Courses ]

[40 Modules ]

Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri
What will you Learn?

The best way to learn Digital marketing is getting trained by professionals. You will learn about it from the experts themselves who have given many years to it. Their insights combined with your curiosity will make sure you get the best training available. We would not only cover the current trends in DM, But you would also get to know about the upcoming future direction. What is happening in the market, and what will change in the forthcoming years. So you are not prepared by present but for the future as well.

Build Industry Relevant Skills

When you are learning concepts, you need to apply them in the real world to understand how it worked and effects a brand. Here, we will help you to build those skills in a 360-degree area. Whether its Facebook marketing, search engine optimization or Instagram marketing. You will get hands-on everything to become an expert, applying those skills in your first job.

Inspired Digital marketing And Training

We collaborate with several brands, So you can know what it is like to work in a fast-paced environment. It helps to understand what will you face when you get out there in the market.  So, become a part of the fastest-growing career in India. We offer a 100% support for placements Guaranteed.

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Customize Your Digital Marketing Course

Learn Digital Marketing with Advanced Digital Marketing course from Professionals. Customize your courses, add or remove modules as per your choice.

Popular Modules

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Learn how to create banners, rich media formats such as audio, video, texts, and images to say an advertising message.

Contextual Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

How to make money online with with the power of Affiliate marketing. Start to earn money with a simple blog.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Learn the art of sending meaningful emails to increase sales or the base of your users — the most effective way of increasing sales.



How a website appears on page number one, It is because of SEO. Learn the basic as well as advanced concepts.



How to optimize a website in order to increase its speed, efficiency, and helping the users.

Web Designing

Web Designing

Learn how to create a full-fledged website on wordpress. How to use the plugins and themes in it.

Social media Marketing

Social media Marketing

Learn How to use Social media to grow your website audience, sales, and becoming an authority.

Marketing research

Marketing research

How to do online research for your website, it’s content and whom your audience to target for maximum reachability.

SEO Expert

SEO Expert

Become a SEO Expert  with best practical training sessions from our professionals. Learn to crack interviews and get placed.

1 Course : Search Engine Optimization

Google has more than 200 factors to rank a website. Learn about the most crucial aspect of our course. And also learn, how to get a site on the first page of a search engine.

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your website rank over time with quality traffic. Why it is essential because it is the only way of bringing organic traffic from in other words than social media websites, learn about the basics of a website.

You will learn about the importance of Keywords, the need for content. How Google ranks sites, That are the crucial factors of it? What is On-page Seo and Off-page SEO and how do i submit Local SEO?

Our professional teachers will teach you the basics of SEO to get you going. When you are trained in it, learn about the advanced techniques of SEO. How to increase the visibility and rank, what is the authority of a website?
After Learning SEO, you can launch your full-fledged career by becoming a full-time SEO expert. You can either join a company or become a freelancer. Read this guide to Learn SEO

Digital Marketing Course - Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing Course - Web Development

2. Course : Web Development

Developing a website from scratch is a blend of art and science. You will learn how to create a website. However, you will learn about WordPress which is used in majority for developing a website today.

In addition you will get your hands on HTML and CSS which also is crucial to create a website. Basics of wordpress, how to install a theme on wordpress, what is Widgets in wordpress. How to install the plugin for SEO or social media.

Also, How to increase the website speed, Creating various pages dedicated to the other section. However, to get the basics right, so you can have your own website in few hours. What is the WordPress Dashboard? In other words, what are the various options in it? How to find a theme according to the website you are designing.

What are premium themes and free themes? By learning all these things, you will create more options for yourself. Do you want to become a blogger, or you want to create websites based on WordPress to make money?

Course 3 : Social Media Optimization

Learn about the Viral business. How to use social media such as Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for promoting a website or a company.

SMO to grow your business and widen your customer base. We will cover a short introduction of major Social media websites. Therefore, how to create and implement state according to each site.

How to monitor your competitors for understanding their strategy and tactics to get ahead of them. What are the tools, tips and tricks and to manage several social media accounts at once to boost your productivity?

Every social media requires a different tactic to give value to its users. Hence knowing the details are essential. You will learn everything about them to deepen your understanding of the targeted market growth, and All these things will be practical.

Our trainers will make sure you get the best knowledge on every platform. Upon learning this, you can promote or launch a brand to create value for your business and your users. Once you have learned it, you can become the expert, starting your career as Social media marketing expert.

Digital Marketing Course - Social Media optimization
Digital Marketing Course - Pay per click Campaign

Course 4 : Pay per Click Campaigning

Learn about the most effective way of advertising online. PPC is a way of directing traffic to websites by paying to publishers. You will get to know about many of these tools to handle the PPC campaign.

It’s learn about tools such As Google Analytics, Youtube analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, youtube advertising and Bing Ads. You will get familiar with Auction, Post click activity, and ranking algorithms.

Understanding the difference between various search engines. How to find valuable keywords, To measure, define and to choose the best set of keywords to create the best advertising campaign.

What are the basics of creating a campaign, how to structure it? Our trainers will teach you how to do everything in a PPC campaign to get the best result from the ads. Every ad has a different purpose, how to identify it, and to execute it.

Everything is taught by our professional trainer to make sure you get the most practical hands-on experience. Once you have learned it, it’s up to you to choose a path. Whether to work as a freelancer or joining a company as PPC campaign manager.

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